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After Months of Playing the Game, it's done! The 100% Save for Sonic 3D in 2D! It Contains all Characters Unlocked, All Extras Unlocked, All Secrets, Endings, And Achievements! I've hope you like my 100% Save i did. Oh and also it has the TV-Like Filter enabled but you can disable it by yourself by pressing F5, but it would keep the TV-Like filter when restarting or closing the game.

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Install instructions

1. Download This Save

2. Extract the RAR

3. Copy and Paste the files of the folder to your "Data" folder of Sonic 3D in 2D.

4. Done! Enjoy your 100% Save of Sonic 3D in 2D!


100% Save.rar 552 bytes


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mym is not a folder

uh it dosent work it only gives amy and the bonus characters without sonic, tails, and knuckles 100 percented. i hate this.

You can switch to Team Sonic out of the bonus chars. Sotaknuck allowed switching between any unlocked characters when entering a save

Idk if it works i havent downloaded it yet but i have to say if anyone here doesn't respect the gosh darn grind sonikal3d went to do this well make sure your car aint getting swiss cheesed

This is just wrong, I had played the game with all characters but still hadn't unlocked all the achievements. I found this and downloaded it, followed the steps, and now all my data is gone and your file seems to have reset my game completely and erased all my data so now I'm stuck with sonic tails and knuckles again. Thanks a lot.

thats not sonikal3d's fault if the game wont save it




stop being mad !!

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It's not working for me for some strange reason, but awesome anyway! Special stages were way too hard for me. lol

It keeps coming up with "No Data" and the Extras don't work.


Respectable comment I like that :)


You absolute madman! I was just looking for this! Thank you!




No Problem! As i Said, this taked me months of playing the game again and again and trying to unlock all the achievements, this wouldn't be possible if it was for some russian guy who made guides to get all the achievements for the game. his videos helped me a lot to 100% this game.